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The Life of a Thirteen-year-old Factory Girl: A Woman Worker Writes Her Story

May 18 Uprising and Cherokee

Community Through Solidarity: A Reflection

Hasta La Victoria Siempre! Reflections from a Solidarity Trip to Cuba

Let’s Get Free

Solidarity, Change, Hope: The C&M Hope Solidarity Union

International Headlines: Science and the Environment

International Headlines: Society and Culture

International Headlines: Economics

International Headlines: Politics

It’s So Complicated, It’s Getting Poetic

Close But Yet So Far Away

Analysis of the Current Situation in Venezuela

A Welfare State Without Labor Movements?

Syriza: Live to Fight Another Day

Shutting Down South Korea’s First Nuclear Power Plant

International Headlines: Science and the Environment

International Headlines: Society and Culture

International Headlines: Economy 2

International Headlines: Politics 2

Why Asian Relations Should Matter to Americans

Making History – The Movement for Black Lives Convening

Germany’s Rise and Dominance in the Euro Zone

There are Still People in the Sewol Ferry

Against All Odds: Celebrating Life and Peace in Jeju Island

Relay Hunger Strike for the Solidarity Struggle with the Catholic Univ. of Korea Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital

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International Headlines: Politics 3

Gyeongsan Cobalt Mine and Massacre Site

Bernie Sanders and the Future of the American Left

Labor Reform: Easier Layoffs, Lower Wages, and More Irregular Workers

COP 21: Hope Lies in the Grassroots Not the Summits

Sustainable Development as Path for Updating the “Living Well” in the Context of the Bolivian Democratic and Cultural Revolution

Reflections on Cochabamba

November World Current Report Webzine

November World Current Report PDF

ISC this Month

Lecture on the Cheonan Sinking

The Paris Attacks and the (re)Emergence of Religious and Ethno-Nationalist Radicalization in Europe

Korea’s Energy and Climate Justice Movement

Free Trade Agreements: This Year and Next

Accelerating the Integration of South America and “Chavism Without Chavez”

North Korea: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

December World Current Report PDF

ISC This Month

We Can’t Wait Another Five Years

Attacks on the Venezuelan Revolution

Analysis of Parliamentary Elections held on December 6th 2015 in Venezuela

Evaluation of Venezuela’s 2015 National Assembly Elections

Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections in Pictures

They Call Me Andres

Experiencing Venezuela

Back from Venezuela

Change Is Possible

A Revolution Rooted in the People

January World Current Report PDF

Readers Correspondence

ISC This Month

[Free Trade Agreements] Food is Not a Commodity

[Latin America] Free Education and Chile’s Student Movement

[North Korea and East Asia] North Korea’s Pursuit of Peace Through Nuclear Tests

[Food Sovereignty and Agriculture] Food Sovereignty Can Stop Climate Change and Feed Us All

[Climate and Energy Justice] Grassroots Climate Justice

[Building Bridges] Challenging Patriarchy in Our Movements

[News on Korea] I’m Sorry I Took So Long To Get Here

January World Current Report Webzine

On the Discourse of Comfort Women

Big Brother is Watching You

Latin America’s Drift to the Right

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ISC This Month

TPPA is signed

The Referendum in Bolivia, the Power of the Neoliberal Model

Finding Our Seeds

Not a Missile…For Now

The Music and Struggle Must Resonate

Movements Create Change: Interview with Eric Mann on Bernie Sanders

It’s Our Turn To Fight

February’s World Current Report Webzine

World Current Report PDF

ISC This Month

[Latin America] Venezuela and Its Revolution 2016 – A Campesino-informed Perspective

[Food Sovereignty and Agriculture] New Mega-Treaty in the Pipeline: What RCEP Means for Farmers’ Seeds in Asia

[North Korea] North Korea Has All the Parts of a Long Range Missile

[Exploring Korea] On the Discourse of Comfort Women

[News on Korea] Big Brother is Watching You

[Special Article] Latin America’s Drift to the Right

ISC This Month

PDF Version

ISC This Month

Chinese Investment in Latin America

No Nukes Asia!

The Dark Shadow Upon The South China Seas

Life and GMO Are Not Compatible

Owning Our Pain

Analysis of the 20th National Assembly Election

Other Impressions About Gwangju

Reclaiming Our History

Argentina, Revival of Neoliberalism and the People’s Opposition

Third Color in Thailand, Neither Red Nor Yellow

Say No to Monsanto!

TTIP Stumbles

Supplanting the Old With the New

Love and Indignation: The (Hyundai) Yoosung Workers’ Fight


May World Current Report Webzine

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ISC This Month

“Reflections on the Sewol Ferry Tragedy and International Solidarity Forum for Peace and Democracy in Asia”

Reflections from the Organizers of Sewol Ferry Forum

A Night With the Venezuelan Ministry of People’s Power of External Trade and International Investment and Vice-Minister of People’s Power for Industry

June Open Lecture: Nonsan Summer Farming Exposure Trip

Renewable Energy: Our Children, and Their Children’s Life May Depend On It

ASEAN Economic Community: Facilitating Exploitation

Part I: The Philippines Elections and the Promise of a Duterte Presidency

Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status

Return to the Land

Building a Black Future: The Movement for Black Lives and the New Civil Rights Movement

When Women Beat Back Hate Crimes

June World Current Webzine

[August] Korea’s Feminist Movement: Past and Present

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ISC this month

The 205th Anniversary of the Independence and National Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Right to Choose Safe Food: GMO Labeling

Germany’s Renewable Energy: Powered by the People

The International Media’s Untold Story: After the Conservatives’ Parliamentary Coup

THAAD in Korean Peninsula: Crumbled Democracy and Constitutionalism

The Philippines: What Change is Coming?

Black Queer American Male: A Life in Fear

The Minimum Wage: Lifting Up Youth, Women, and Elderly

Expanding the Bounds of Thinkable Thought

Facilitating and Leading Exchange

Building Community

Understanding Korea’s Present by Exploring Its Past

Building Solidarity

ISC this Month

Finding Feminism in South Korea: A Foreigner’s Introduction

Justice for Farmer Baek Nam-gi!

The Significance of THAAD in Northeast Asia

The European Left’s Continuous Rise and Its Challenges

Letters Home: Connecting with Korean American Families on Black Lives Matter

Unwed Mothers and Adoptees: Making the Connection

A Journey to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for World Peace

Rectifying History: Japanese versus Nazi Collaboration

World Current Report PDF version

August World Current Report

191th Anniversary of the Independence of Bolivia

August Open Lecture: Korean Feminist Movement

Up Ahead: Historical tour of the Gyeongsan Cobalt Mine

International forum: “Understanding the crises of Latin American Left parties”

People’s power and political instruments in South America

Exposing the devil: US foreign policy towards Latin America

Crisis of Latin America’s Left: How should we understand it? A Diagnosis and Forecast of the Post-Chavez Maduro government

The populist Left in Latin America and rebuilding the nation-state

The crisis in Brazil and the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff

Is this the end of the progressive cycle in Latin America?

World Current Report PDF

World Current Report webzine

ISC this month

Thaad, North Korea, and China

Baek Nam-gi: Agriculture and state violence

The rice price and Reunification

The referendum in Colombia: A missed opportunity

The view from Standing Rock: The story of the Dakota Access Pipeline

South Korea: Farmers fight planned US missile base

Reflection on the Gyeongsan Cobalt Mine Tour

Anti-war activists blockade Raytheon Facility in Alice Springs

Dying to succeed: The Public Workers’ Strike


(no title)

Building people power at the community level

Artist action Majjang fights back

Waging a two-front war: against the president and gender discrimination

Reviving the student movement

Organizing workers to oust President Park and change society

Reflection on the Nov. 12 protest

The Scandal Through the Lens of Foreign Media

Anatomy of a scandal

[PDF Download] November World Current Report

[Cover Story] Down with the President!

The impact of the US presidential election on the Korean Peninsula

(no title)

North Korea Has All the Part of a Long Range Missile

Nam Moon-hee  (ISC Advisor, SisaIN special reporter for the Korean Peninsula)

Scott John (ISC Advisor, Reciprocity)

Ronald Collins (Solidarity Correspondent)

Guadalupe Palomeque de Taboada (Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia)

Larry Rosenberg (Solidarity Correspondent, environmental activist)

Merci Llarinas-Angeles (Solidarity Correspondent, International Convener Peace Women Partners)

A candlelight revolution

Voices for peace echo in Mindanao People’s Peace Summit

12 victories that inspired us in 2016

Massive hidden costs of secret Rcep trade deal

People’s aspiration for direct democracy continues over coffee

Putting the pieces together with the feminist study group

The International Strategy Center’s New Year’s Party

Trump Is President. What Now?

Full PDF of The [su:p]

The [su:p] webzine

Democracy at work: Employee board participation

“A World where many worlds fit:” Zapatismo and Chavismo in conversation

Combating the Muslim Ban: People, courts & the Constitution

Why Latin America matters

Alasita, a traditional Bolivian event

The [su:p] February PDF version

The [su:p] webzine

“The court rules to expel President Park Geun-hye”

The [su:p] March PDF version

What’s hot? Feminist media monitoring

Spain: Podemos at the crossroads

No greater love: Commemoration events images

The people’s struggle for the protection and advancement of the revolution continues: Upon returning from President Chavez’s 4th Commemoration Event

The [su:p] webzine

Fight of a lifetime: The Sewol struggle for a safe world

Latin American and Caribbean feminist social movements rise up for women’s lives

What does it mean to be a Black patriot in the era of Trump?

Hungarian government attacks opposition voices

A day I’ll never forget

The [su:p] webzine

The [su:p] April PDF version

The [su:p] May edition

Soseong-ri: An Outpost for Peace Against Thaad

The world we’re leaving our children

What happens after the candlelight revolution?

The [su:p] webzine

Why the U.S. bears special responsibility for peace in Korea

What Haiti Teaches Us About Struggle

Frente Amplio: An alternative for Chile

Building Worker’s Hope

The [su:p] June edition

No day like today: The 2017 Queer Culture Festival

Trade politics in flux: what social movement responses?

How RCEP affects food and farmers

Let’s go towards the constituent assembly!

The [su:p] July PDF download

Newscard: People’s Summit Against FTAs and RCEP

The real independence is reunification

Where to, Philippines?

Why we want reunification

PDF August

Venezuela in the eye of the storm: An open letter for solidarity to grassroots movements in the United States and the world

“What Will We Do?”: The Charge to Defend Venezuelan Sovereignty Ahead of OAS and US Aggression

Is the Korea-U.S. FTA really unfair for America?

PDF Version October 2017

Candlelight Revolution Part 2: South Korea’s Constitutional Reform

The truth about Venezuela:  Interview with Yadira Hidalgo, Venezuela’s Charge D’Affaires in South Korea

PDF Version November 2017

Dongpo: Korean Education and Exposure Program

President Moon gives up on nuclear phase-out and a renewal of the nuclear free movement

A world without nukes: The UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons

Why North Korea developed nuclear bombs: US-North Korean relations (1990 to today)

PEOPLE POWER: 12 struggles of resistance and hope in 2017

Understanding Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: A View into the National Constituent Assembly

If You Don’t Raise the Minimum Wage, Then a Bigger Calamity Will Follow..Let’s Not Become Like Japan

Telling the Government to First Solve North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Problem Is Absurd

PDF February 2018

Singori Nuclear Reactors 5 and 6’s Public Consultation and the Tasks Ahead

Finding the Seeds of a Better World: Worker Self-Management

What Iceland’s Crowdsourcing Constitutional Reform Teaches Us

It Was Always #MeToo: Korea’s Fight Against Sexual Violence

PDF March 2018

Former President Lee Myung Bak is Arrested for Corruption

GM Plans on Shutting Down GM Korea Plant That Would Impact Thousands of Workers

[Report] Workers Become Owners

The Mausoleum: Chavez Lives

Move Over, Corporate Democrats. A New Wave of Left Populists Is on the Rise

Mindanao, Philippines: The Téduray Path to Peace

The Long Road to Peace in the Korean Peninsula: the South-North-Korea-US Summit