Korea is directly impacted by the crises of capitalism. It is not alone. While there may be differences in degree and form, capitalism is impacting all corners of the world. Yet, it’s the poorest and vulnerable countries that are suffering the impacts of the crises, not those responsible. Social movements are fighting back against such injustice and corruption in their respective countries. Yet, they are divided and isolated by geography, culture, and language.

We believe that the structural crises facing the world due to capitalism can only be solved through international solidarity between movements. In order to connect the various movements in each country, the ISC bridges relationships through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The exchange of information, experiences, and lessons makes clear that our struggles are not alone: Others out there share the same thoughts and objectives. While we start with knowledge, communication, and exchange, our ultimate goal is international solidarity.



Choi, Soon-Young (Progress Justice Research Institute, Chairman)
Huh, Seok-Ryol (Sociology, Chungbuk University, Professor)
Jo, Soon-Duk (Minkahyup, President)
Lee, Chong-Gak (Labor Movement Activist)
Klunder, Laura (ASK Activist on International Adoption)
Lee, Hae-Young (International Relations, Hanshin University, Professor)
Lee, Heon Seok (Energy Justice Action, Senior Activist/Representative)
Nam, Moon-Hee (SisaIN, Special Writer)
Shin, Soon-Ae (Youth Takinnael, Counselor)
Lee, Jeong Chul (Soongsil University, Political Science and Diplomacy, Professor)
John, Scott (Reciprocity)

World Current Report Editorial Team
Gavin Huang
Kristin Pak
Stephanie Park    

World Current Report Translation Team
Kim, Kyung Min
Hong, Jung-Hee

World Current Report International Team
Bae, Kyung-Jin
Lee, Ro-mi
Jeong, Seong-Mi

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